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About Us 

We are a New York City Department of Education secondary school district located in the southern section of the borough of Queens, NY. We serve both secondary and high schools in District 27, 28, and 29 with over 20,000 students. Queens South High School District has some of the best and most diverse students and staff in the New York City Department of Education. 

The geographical area of Queens South High School District is best known for the bustling international John F. Kennedy Airport, the 7-miles of beaches in the Rockaways, and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Meet the District Team

Van-Ess Bio 1024_1_edited.jpg

Dr. Josephine Yeboah Van-Ess


Deputy Superintendent
Steven Chernigoff

Executive Director
Steven Chernigoff


Field Support Liaison
Dr. James C. Brown

Field Support Liaison
James C. Brown

Principal Administrative Assistant

Jacqueline Quinones-Lombardo

Principal Administrative Assistant

Jacqueline Quinones-Lombardo


Family Leadership Coordinator

Selena Gales


Family Support Coordinator
Evelyn Ruiz


Teacher Development & Evaluation Coach

Jennifer Connolly


Director of Advanced
Academic Access

Lyndon Charles

Chris (1).jpg

School Improvement Coach 


Christine Bennet


School Improvement Coach


Donna Drayss

Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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