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Far Rockaway Educational Campus
Grades 9-12

 8-21 Bay 25th St

 Far Rockaway, NY 11691


Principal: Tenesha Worley, IA 

Mission: Rooted in the belied that every child CAN and WILL learn in a conducive learning environment, our mission is to inspire students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development in an academically challenging environment enriched with support, encouragement and assistance. As a community of learners, we strive for excellence, unlocking the full potential of each individual and developing confident and independent learners. 

Parent Coordinator: Tonie Roberts


Epic HS - South

Grades 9-12

121-10 Rockaway Blvd

 South Ozone Park, NY 11420


Principal: Dr. Subhas Mohan

Mission:  The mission of EPIC High Schools is to challenge all students to dream big and to support them in designing their future. We recognize that each student is an individual and therefore provide a series of learning experiences that equip young people to walk their unique paths. We honor and integrate the cultures of our communities to make learning relevant, responsive, and accessible, as we develop citizens with a positive sense of self, ready to stand for social justice.

Parent Coordinator: Carmita Jimenz


Rockaway Collegiate HS

Beach Channel Educational Campus
Grades 9-12

100-00 Beach Channel Dr,

Rockaway Park, NY 11694


Principal: Patrick Murray, Acting

Mission: Rockaway Collegiate HS strives to establish and cultivate a culturally responsive school where student achievement is its core focus driven by a supportive learning environment that fosters excellence in providing a 21st century education -- collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, and critical thinking and problem solving. Integral to accomplishing our mission is students interfacing with classroom technology and using instructional materials that are as diverse as the world around them. Each curriculum unit and lesson plan will develop students critical thinking skills through writing.

Parent Coordinator: Jennifer Rondon

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John Adams HS

Grades 9-12

101-01 Rockaway Blvd

Ozone Park, NY 11417


Principal: Pedro Cubero

MissionOur mission is to supply students with an in-depth and well-rounded education. We provide an opportunity for students to achieve success through challenging academic standards. We are supported in our mission to prepare all students for college, career and life by partners such as York College and New York City College of Technology. Our goal is to graduate lifelong committed learners.

Parent Coordinator: Ntina Zatse


Robert H Goddard HS

Grades 9-12 

138-30 Lafayette St

 Ozone Park, NY 11417

Principal: Dr. Joseph Birgeles

Mission: Goddard High School For Communication Arts & Technology is COMMITTED to the purpose of empowering students to be Successful Leaders, Life Long Learners, Critical Thinkers, and ADVOCATES for their College and Career Path. We are DEDICATED to providing a SAFE and NURTURING environment for students where they can achieve intellectual EXCELLENCE. Goddard High School ensures a quality 21st CENTURY education by supporting teachers with the BEST technology and pedagogical tools to facilitate student academic excellence.

Parent Coordinator: Roselyn Corcino Pino


Rockaway Park HS

Beach Channel Educational Campus
Grades 9-12

100-00 Beach Channel Dr

 Rockaway Park, NY 11694


Principal: Miriam Zambrano Lamhaouhi

Mission: Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability was built in 2010 with the notion that all students deserve to be in a school where adults know them well, care about them as individuals, hold them to high expectations and prepare them to be successful in college

School Contact: Jonathan Metzler


August Martin HS

Grades 9-12

156-10 Baisley Blvd

Jamaica, NY 11434


Principal: Rory Parnell

Mission: At August Martin, we believe that students, when given an opportunity to engage in learning that is relevant to their lives, will be prepared for success in college and career. It is our mission to graduate lifelong learners who will be change agents within their communities, professions, and our world.

Parent Coordinator: Nadege Trenard


HS for Construction, Trades, Engineering, and Architecture 
Grades 9-12

94-06 104th St

 Ozone Park, NY 11416


Principal: Lakeisha Gordon

Mission: Our school is committed to providing young men and women of diverse cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds with a sense of belonging. This is conducted in an educational environment that allows them to explore their talents and interests while receiving a solid academic foundation that prepares them for post-secondary education, as well as careers in construction trades, engineering and architecture. The learning environment is specifically designed to promote academic achievement through the integration of the student's career interests while making connections of that learning to the world in which we live. 

Parent Coordinator: Kimberly Seaton

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Academy of Medical Technology: A College Board School

Far Rockaway Educational Campus

Grades 6-12


8-21 Bay 25th St

Far Rockaway, NY 11691


Principal: William Johnson

Mission: We provide students with a rich education through the lens of the healthcare professions. We fulfill the need for quality clinicians, nurses, and doctors. Students gain the skills necessary to become members of a healthcare team. We stress a hands-on approach to the sciences and STEM education. Our Medical Scholars program is in partnership with Plaza College where students receive free college credits. Additionally, our clinical internship program through St. John’s Hospital provides real-world career experiences for students in a healthcare setting. Here at AMT, we help all students learn, grow, and become our future.

Parent Coordinator: Kimberly Perez

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Epic HS - North

Grades 9-12

94-25 117th St

South Richmond Hill, NY 11419


Principal: Kristen Breen

Mission: The mission of EPIC HS North is to challenge all students to dream big and to support them in designing their future. We recognize that each student has their unique way of learning therefore we provide a series of learning experiences that will help them develop the skills they need to be successful.

We honor and integrate our communities to make learning relevant, responsive and accessible. Students will develop a positive sense of self and have developed college-career readiness.

Parent Coordinator: Nina Roberto

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Richmond Hill HS

Grades 9-12

89-30 114th St

 Richmond Hill, NY 11418


Principal: Neil Ganesh

Mission: Our mission is to promote young adults who are happy, goal-oriented, well-adjusted, and academically prepared to face the challenges of the future and to contribute significantly to societal progress.  The highlight of our strong instructional program is our interdisciplinary approach to Core subjects and inclusion of STEAM and CTE programs that encourage the success of all students.  The school’s slogan, “Diversity is our Strength,” is derived from our multicultural population and promotes a learning environment based on self-discipline and mutual respect for all.  It is our goal to have each student take ownership of their educational process and develop a curiosity for lifelong learning.

Parent Coordinator: Donna Crayton

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