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Our vision is to cultivate a harmonious ecosystem where schools, families, partnerships, and communities collaborate to create inclusive and empowering environments. Through fostering affirming spaces, we aim to ignite a sense of empowerment, engagement, and limitless possibilities for students to explore, achieve, and thrive in their pursuit of success.

OUR Vision

dr. josephine van-ess

superintendent of queens south high schools


Mission Statement





To make our vision a reality our Mission is plant SEEDS of excellence:

PARKING INNOVATION- Preparing our students to critically think and leave our schools with the motivation and ability to contribute to the legacies of positive change.  

LEVATING EQUITY, DIVERSITY AND ACCESS- Providing social-emotional supports and learning experiences that uplift, celebrate, and cultivate diversity and bridge the disparities that exist within our educational system.


NSURING ACCELERATED LEARNING- Developing leadership capacity to ensure that schools are using data informed methodologies to provide rigorous instruction grounded in, literacy development, civic engagement, STEAM, CRSE, SEL, post-secondary readiness and that learning is transferable to college and career aspirations.  

EVELOPING STUDENT SELF-EFFICACY- Nurturing students' voice, agency, healthy sense of self, confidence, mindset, and belief in their capacity to accomplish their goals.  

TRATEGICALLY ENGAGING FAMILIES AND PARTNERS- Galvanizing families, community leaders, and partnerships to work collaboratively in using their voice, role, and capacity to contribute to the system, structures, and practices that will help to meet the needs of all students.


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