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Dr. Josephine

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Dear Queens South High School Leaders, Community, and Families,

I want to take this time to introduce myself formally. My name is Dr. Josephine Yeboah Van-Ess, and it is my pleasure and honor to serve as your new superintendent.

I am humbled to be afforded this opportunity and look forward to working in collaboration to ensure our schools' continual safety, achievement, and success. As we have all been personally and professionally navigating the effects of the pandemic, I know we must build a district community grounded in empathy and care while working to support our schools' academic and social-emotional progression. As a leader, I have high expectations for our schools and understand the necessity of working in collaboration and providing high-quality support and resources to achieve the goals we will set together. I am a leader who works with integrity, passion, and urgency. My priority is to create the conditions that will enable all students to thrive, leaving our high schools with purpose, direction, and the skills they require to navigate the competitive workforce and society. I will engage in this work in tandem with our schools, families, and community. We are the village. We are the right people. Together, we can achieve our desired outcomes and actualize the vision and mission we will co-create.

Over the next few weeks, I will be engaging in Listening and Learning Tours, as it is my goal to meet with school and community leaders and families to gain a deeper understanding of the district and community. The tours will include both in-person and virtual opportunities for conversations, ranging from one-to-one to small group engagement. I am excited to hear and learn about the great work that is currently happening across schools. I have been able to visit schools, CEC, and President Council websites and social media pages, and I am excited about the current learning and engagement opportunities offered to students and families. While taking a "sneak peek," I could feel a sense of pride, commitment, and dedication. I will honor the programs, systems, and structures in place that are working, and in alignment with the Chancellor's Pillar focused on Scaling, Sustaining, and Restoring best practices, I am committed to building upon the important work that is occurring within the district.

I would like to thank Ms. Cynthia Schneider and Mr. Steven Chernigoff for their service and dedication to the Queens South High School students, families and greater community .

I will be in contact shortly about the dates and times for the Listening and Learning Tours. In  the interim, I have also attached my biography so you can learn a little about me.
Please enjoy the holiday weekend with those who matter most and be safe.

All my best,
Dr. Josephine Yeboah Van-Ess
Superintendent of Queens South High Schools

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